Is the information management a challenge for you?

Exploit COCAPPS (ECM) Framework’s power to complete your applications and offer your customers new features. Show them how to handle their information management more efficiently (Administrative information, CRM, Quality management, etc…)


COCAPPS Framework is an innovative ECM platform that helps IT architects and developers to fasten their work. Conception, deployment and starting are easier, with reduced maintenance costs.

In the Cloud or on site, COCAPPS Framework offers integrated ECM solutions at low cost.

Built in Microsoft .NET technology, COCAPPS Framework was designed to be modular and evolutionary, opening a new ECM way. Information management applications can now be designed quickly to fit your specific needs, and be integrated in your working environment, evolving at low cost.

Find out how COCAPPS can boost your business, by integrating it in your applications or into Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Dynamics…