GEOMAP, software editor, talks about COCAPPS’ partnership

GEOMAP is a software editor and integrator since 1988, and hires 80 employees. Geographic information systems specialist, GEOMAP’s customers belong to public and private domains.

Prévi’SDIS is a specific solution for fire departments. Its purpose is to manage risked buildings and water sources.

GEOMAP chose to use COCAPPS Framework to develop quickly an ECM complement to its own business, and be able to manage electronic documents and business intelligence.Vue cartographique Previ'SDIS
Accueil Previ'SDIS

Functional components brought by COCAPPS to answer the need :

- Electronic documents managementGestion de documents COCAPPS
- Contacts management

- Tasks and planning management
Gestion de planning d'équipe

- Thesaurus and tags
Thésaurus et descripteurs

- Multi-critera search
Recherche multi-critères

COCAPPS benefits :

- Faster developments. COCAPPS functional components allowed to fasten this project’s developments, especially during tests and implementation steps. Using tried functionalities made those two last phases way easier.

- Keeping the software package way. Every new need to be implemented in the solution will be done by configuration. No new ECM developments will be needed.

- 20 years of ECM experience in varied businesses ensure the sustainability of COCAPPS Framework. Its flexibility allows any configuration: from 2 users to more than 1500…

- Using COCAPPS Framework in company to manage the business. GEOMAP wanted to use it to handle different needs:

                                      • Projects management
                                      • Files management
                                      • Business intelligence
                                      • CRM