CRM became a must-have for any company that wants to build a strong relationship with customers.

COCAPPS’ functional components take care of:

Sales force: Management of many informations attached to the project (mails, fax, e-mails, plans, bills, phone number, tasks, documents, etc…).

Sales management:

      • Business Dashboard,
      •  Data mining,
      • Team coaching tools.

Technical management and after-sales service :

      • Project management tool
      • Full project’s information access
      • Service contracts management
      • Incidents and requests management

Marketing management:

      • Incidents and requests management,
      • Reporting, performance management, tasks management.

Distribution network:

      • Partnerships management,
      • Direct or indirect business follow up.

Commercial assistance

Mailing management, commercial actions follow up, documents sending tool, meetings confirmations, and office automation models.

This COCAPPS’ functionality optimizes collaborative customer relationship management, and allows users to focus on their business, thanks to a 360° customer management.