The SDMIS (SDIS Rhône) opts for the BPM “Cocapps” and its associated framework.

SDMIS chose Odyssée Ingénierie’s solution for setting up and maintaining a form management and validation circuits solution.

The Rhône Department and the Lyon Metropolis are divided into 7 “Territorial Groupings”, comprising 114 barracks. These are organized in 23 CIS (Fire and Rescue Centers).

The needs expressed are covered by Odyssée Ingénierie’s integrated solution:
                - Documentary value guarantee of documents
                - Simple configuration and process control
                - Traceability
                - Electronic signature
                - Delegation
                - Dashboards
                - Simple search and filtering information
                - Integration with IS and business applications, vaults and telecom operators
                - Meets standards.

Expert Opinion: “It’s a low-code approach to BPM. It combines the flexibility of rapid development and the robustness of processes. “

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